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Grade C GCSE Revision Pack Contents

There are links to every card in the grade C maths revision pack. Each page has a question and answer card.

Try to work out the answer before you use the answer card.

If you are working through a GCSE Maths past paper and get stuck, try looking through the cards to see if you recognise the question you are stuck on. The card will help you to remember how to solve the question

3D Coordinates

Add and Subtract Mixed Numbers

Addition and Subtraction of Fractions


Angles in a polygon

Angles in polygons 2

Angles and parallel lines

Area 1

Area 2

Area of a circle



Circumference of a circle

Collecting Like terms.

Compound Area

Compound Measures

Conversion Graphs


Equations of Simple Lines

Equivalent Fractions

Estimating Answers

Estimating the mean from grouped data

Factorising Single Brackets

Find the mean, median, mode and range

Finding the mean, mode and range from a table

Forming and solving equations

Fraction of a Quantity

Frequency Polygons

Highest Common Factor



Linear Graphs

Long Multiplication

Long Multiplication with Decimals

Lowest Common Multiple

Metric / Imperial Conversions

Metric Conversions

Multiplication and Division of Fractions

Multiply and Divide Mixed Numbers

Multiplying and Dividing by a Power of 10

nth Term

Percentage Decrease

Percentage Increase

Percentage of a Number

Plans and elevations

Probability — expected outcomes

Product of Prime Factors

Pythagoras’ Theorem

Quadratic Graphs



Ratio 2



Rounding—Decimal Places

Rounding—Significant Figures

Scatter Graphs

Solving Linear Equations

Stem and Leaf Chart

Substitution Into Expressions

Sum of Probabilities

Surface Area



Trial and Improvement

Two Way Table from a Worded Question

Two Way Table


Best Value

Expanding Single Brackets


Loop Cards

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