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Grade B to A GCSE Revision Pack Contents

There are links to every card in the grade B to A maths revision pack. Each page has a question and answer card.

Try to work out the answer before you use the answer card.

If you are working through a GCSE Maths past paper and get stuck, try looking through the cards to see if you recognise the question you are stuck on. The card will help you to remember how to solve the question

Converting Numbers to Standard Form

Converting Standard Form to Numbers

Standard Form Addition and Subtraction

Standard Form Multiplication and Division

Direct Proportion

Indirect Proportion

Expanding Double Brackets

Factorising Double Brackets

Trigonometry Finding a Side Length

Trigonometry Finding an Angle

Cumulative Frequency Graph

Median and Inter Quartile Range from a Cumulative Frequency Graph

Inverse Percentages

Cumulative Frequency Graph - Solving Problems

Compound Interest

Quadratic Formula

Solving Quadratics by Factorisation

Probability - Tree Diagrams

Indices Fraction and Negative

Calculations with Bounds

Converting Square and Cube Units

Circle Theorems 1

Circle Theorems 2

Circle Theorems 3

Circle Theorems 4

Area of a Sector

Arc Length

Enlargement by a Fractional Scale Factor

Enlargement by a Negative Scale Factor

Convert a Recurring Decimal to a Fraction

Enlargement Finding Side Lengths

Box Plot from a Cumulative Frequency Graph

Box Plot from Discrete Data

Comparing Box Plots

Stratified Sample

Equation of a Straight Line

Equation of a Straight Line Parallel Lines

Simultaneous Equations 1

Simultaneous Equations 2

Simultaneous Equations 3

Mid Point of a Line

Angle Bisector

Constructing Perpendicular Lines

Equidistant from a Point and a Line

Loci Shading Regions

Construct Triangles with Compasses

Draw a 30 Degree Angle

Loci Problem

Matching Graphs

Travel Graphs

Make x the Subject of an Equation


Volume and Surface Area of a Cylinder

Graphing Inequalities


Loop Cards

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