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You can download a free sample set of loop cards using the button below. This pack is 30 cards rounding to a given number of significant figures

download sample GCSE maths loop card set

There are a range of loop cards available covering different topics. Buy individual packs or buy as a set with 10 packs in each set. Save over 50% with our multi buy sets.

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GCSE Maths Revision Resources

Loop Cards 30 Card Set

Ideal for revision, starters and plenaries

Give each student one card. The student with the end / start card asks their question first.

The student with the correct answer replies “I have ………….” and then asks their question. This continues until the last student with the end/ start card answers the final question.

Swap the cards around so each student has a different card and play again.

Play against the clock. Record the times and see if the class can beat their previous best.

(Hint - print 2 copies. Keep one as a teacher reference sheet)

Less than 30 students in the class? Distribute the extra cards between the more able students. An alternative strategy is to group students with two or more cards per group.

Alternative Idea

Use the cards for individual or group work and use the cards as sort cards. Give the shuffled pack to the students and starting with the start / end card put the cards in order.

loop cards pictures loop cards pictures 2


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