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Visit the maths revision grade C contents page to view the grade C maths revision cards online. Every maths revision card can be viewed with a question and fully explained answer.

If you wish to download a sample  maths revision pack, go to the Free Downloads page. Here you can download a 10 page sample pack . If you want the full 70 page maths revision pack for only 1.50  click here..

The maths revision cards are printed out on normal A4 paper with 2 cards per page.

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Simultaneous Equations     Vectors

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There is only one way to get the best grade - maths revision

GCSE Maths Revision Resources

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Lots of ideas to enhance your maths revision and make the most of your valuable time. No more sitting and staring at an exercise book pretending that you are doing your maths revision.

These GCSE maths revision cards have been developed to help you revise for your GCSE examinations.  Each maths revision card relates directly to the types of questions asked in the GCSE maths examination. Take a  look at the linear graphs card. If you have already started to revise or completed any GCSE maths past papers, you will recognise the question. The maths revision card shown opposite is also very typical of questions you could be asked. You can find this maths revision card included in the grade C GCSE maths revision pack.

GCSE Maths Revision Resources is designed to help you with your maths revision and to achieve the best possible grade in your GCSE maths exam The maths revision cards have been made so that you can access them easily without having to wade through a full maths revision guide.

Use our maths revision flash cards to help prepare and revise for the UK GCSE maths examinations. Make sure you prepare as thoroughly as possible to achieve a grade C or higher

If your target grade is higher than a C, use these maths revision cards to ensure you have fully mastered the lower grade questions. Remember to achieve a grade A* the score required will be over 80%.  You really need to have fully mastered the types of questions asked in the first half of the examination paper. Your maths revision needs to be best in can be...

View the maths revision cards online or buy from our store.

The maths revision cards are delivered as a pdf electronic download for printing at home. No waiting for the postman!

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The content of the maths revision cards are all original, Of course they are based upon past GCSE exam papers. No one can predict exactly what will come up this year, but we can get a good guide from past papers. Even when the syllabus has changed and the exam papers have included more written questions it is possible to see the same themes and types of questions asked.

Make sure you are fully familiar with fractions, decimals and percentages. These will all feature in the maths exam in some form.

Why buy the maths revision cards when they can be viewed online?

The online maths revision cards are a good reference source if you are looking for one or two topics. However, if you are working through a  past paper this could take a long time. By having a set of printed maths revision flashcards to hand when working through a practice paper it is much easier. Many students struggle to find a topic in a maths revision guide. However, simply looking through the maths revision cards, it is possible to spot a similar question to the one on the maths examination paper, flip it over and see how to solve that problem. Simples!

The revision cards have been sorted into 3 GCSE maths revision packs. The grades of the maths revision pack may not relate directly to the GCSE grade descriptors. Instead they are aimed at what a typical GCSE maths student can usually achieve at a particular target grade.

When printed out, the maths revision cards are A5 in size and clear and easy to read. You can download a sample maths revision pack via this website to try out for free before you buy.


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